Communicate clearly

Diagnostic Reports for pathology and radiology can be confusing for non-specialists. With patients accessing their own records, the clinical terminology and specialist jargon in these reports can lead to worry and may impact outcomes.

Evidentia can help!


Enhanced Diagnostic Reports for care teams

Improve understanding among care team members with images, findings, evidence, and patient education in one interactive report. View diagnostic history and search for findings across reports. Easily share reports and patient education with patients and families.

  • Improve understanding & context

    Reports include links to actionable evidence and highlight critical results. Plus a visual patient timeline allows quick access to past findings.

  • Integrated results content & key images

    Enhanced multimedia reports combine findings and images in one place for easy reference. Plus they’re viewable in a web browser on any device.

  • Meaningful Use compliance

    Send useful and valuable patient eduction based on the context of the current report. Track what was delivered as well as date and time of views.

  • Easily shared with patients

    Simple steps in an automate-able workflow makes patient delivery a breeze.

  • Marketing channel for your practice

    Forget TV spots, communicate value when they’re ready to engage while guided next steps keep them in the system.

Inform & Engage Patients

Our Enhanced Diagnostic Reports for patients educate and calm. They're also accessible on almost any device, including tablets and phones.

  • Peace of mind

    Automatically provides definitions for conditions and findings and translates jargon to improve patient understanding of the results, and reduce stress.

  • Portable patient education

    Customize and curate patient education for many auto selected topics that may be consumed digitally, printed or shared with family/caregiver.

  • Guide your patients

    Provide an easy pathway to continuing care in the selected organization with links to mobile friendly maps and scheduling. Easily include contextually relevant department or institution news or even broadly appropriate patient education material.

  • A note from your doctor

    Provider may elect to include a personalized explanation of results, perfect for overcoming the forgetfulness of a stressful situation.

  • Shareable reports & content

    Transportable content allows patient to designate who can see results, images & decision context.

  • Embedded key images

    View all associated images in the context of a specialist report. Plus understand which “key” images or results influenced a recommendation.

We are Evidentia Health

Our Mission

We believe that when clinical information is delivered in a way that makes sense to humans, patients and providers can make decisions together that will lead to better outcomes.

Who we are

Evidentia Health’s foundation in health informatics and diagnostic imaging allows for the creation of unique technology solutions to meet today’s healthcare needs. Our team combines radiologists, technologists and experience designers all with a common goal of improving understanding of health information.

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